SNC is a support group for parents set up by parents, established in 2017 but with over 13 years of experience in the SEND sector. We are in your corner, offering emotional support, a sounding board, and essentially a backstop for parent carers, helping you to navigate the SEND landscape and to join the dots between all the major departments of Education, Health and Social Care and helping you work in partnership with your child’s school for the best outcome.  We help you see the bigger picture and keep you on track for what to expect on your SEND journey and what comes next. We support families across London and now surrounding areas too. Get in touch, email us at info@specialneedscommunity.org.uk.

We are growing! Due to demand from parents and carers all over the country, we have decided to develop individual websites for each area. Harrow is the first of the location-specific mini-sites, we are working on developing a mini-site for each and every borough for London and neighbouring boroughs and counties.  We will be working on developing these for 2022-23. In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out what is available in your local area, please visit our directory page. CLICK HERE FOR THE SNC DIRECTORY

Do you live in Harrow? Visit our special mini-site for Harrow, CLICK HERE



We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the National SEND Conference 2022 and the IG Schools’ SEND Learning subscription platform. It is an extraordinary opportunity to work with a modern, dynamic company like Inside Government (IG) that is constantly pushing for innovative ways to effectively serve our public sector and voluntary sector communities.

Following the success over the last decade of the annual National SEND Conference, which has provided over 120 continuing professional development (CPD) hours to 1,500+ school leaders, SENCOs, support staff, and colleagues across health and social care agencies, the new IG Schools SEND Subscription is additional learning support platform which has grown out of the National SEND Conference and will expand on the annual opportunity to learn and connect, by providing SEND professionals with weekly insights and updates all year round.

We are excited to be considered as partners on their amazing journey and development of this impressive interactive platform. We hope to bring some of our experience of working with families and learn from some of the best SEND professionals in their field.

This years’ conference will be held in central London on 15th June. Please visit the website to see the amazing lineup of speakers, including André Imich, from the Department of Education, and top SEND professionals in their field around the country. You will gain insights from Tony McArdle, advisor to the eagerly awaited SEND review. CLICK HERE for more information.

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