ABA Horizons

ABA Therapy is an early, intensive, and sustained intervention emphasising positive behavior and socialisation that many children on the spectrum need. Our evidence based programmes are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).


We provide ABA programs to individuals on the autism spectrum and/or with other additional needs up to the age of eleven. We also provide services for children who are likely to be on the spectrum, or awaiting an autism diagnosis assessment.


Whether your child has a Autism diagnosis, is waiting for one, or Autism is considered to be likely. Our Autism evaluation provides families with valuable insights into areas such as your child’s language skills, adaptive behaviors, and social behaviors.


A more traditional ABA program, with individualised services provided by a tutor, under the ongoing supervision of a BCBA. Typically a home-based service, we can assist in community settings and schools (requires EHCP).

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