If you have a learning disability or a physical disability, you may be eligible for certain discounts and concessions when out and about. There are also grants available to support you with extra care and costs. Disability charity Scope estimates that daily life costs an average of £583 more per month for disabled adults, compared to adults who do not have a disability. Families with disabled children have to spend an average of £581 per month more than families without disabled children; for a quarter of families, this figure is over £1000 per month. Alongside benefits from the Government, discounts, concessions, and grants can help to ease some of the financial burden for disabled people and their families.

ARE YOU CLAIMING EVERYTHING YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR? We will explore lots of different offers available to you, from the Max Card to huge savings on family days out, we will help you access them because every little bit helps.

For only £4.99 per month, you will receive all the information you need to all year round about what you are entitled to claim for you and your family. You will have access to updates and one-to-one support to fill out forms and we will talk you through complex applications.

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After the first purchase, we will set up a regular monthly order to collect payment each time. You may cancel any time you wish by sending us an email.

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