Thank you supporting us for 6 years, please donate to keep us going

It now 6 years ago, a group of parents with children with SEND set up Special Needs Community as a call to action to support families all over London. 6 years later (and a little tired but still very determined), we have built a disability-friendly and all-ability adventure playground, sat on countless SEND strategy boards with professionals from Health, Education, Social Care and national charities, delivered PPE at the height of the pandemic, run many events, managed the local Parent Carer Forum, talked to parents about the government’s Family Hubs initiative and supported lots of desperate parents calling us from all over London, as well as Birmingham, Essex, Buckinghamshire etc.
We did this all remarkably just on generous donations and grants to fund exciting projects along the way. We DON’T charge parents for the countless of hours we spend supporting them, guiding, and empowering them to speak to professionals like they are equals…and of course they are! As parents of children with SEND, we are also experts, working hard with SEND professionals so our kids can be the best they can be.
As we approach another challenging year where families (especially our families) all over London and the UK are fighting the cost-of-living crisis and for the provision for their children, we prepare ourselves to get into the trenches and stand beside them. So many parents have thanked us for answering that late night out of hours call when they have reached the end of their rope and we tell them they are not alone. The relief literally makes them burst into tears.
We have also been commended by some professionals who have said our unique professional and non-adversarial approach is so refreshing that they eagerly refer us to their struggling clients.
This is why WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! We do it because families need us and professionals value our involvement when they don’t know what to do. But we can only continue with generous donations and as the funding landscape becomes so challenging, we need even more financial support than ever.
As we prepare to stand with our families for another year, will you stand with us and donate to SNC?
So, what’s the money for? Well, it’s just for paying the bills like phones and petrol etc, and other expenses to allow us to be available for the next call for help. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
We hope you have a restful and cosy Christmas, and ready for 2024!
Thank you in advance from a grateful SNC Team

2 Comments on “Thank you supporting us for 6 years, please donate to keep us going

  1. Hi there I lost my max card just wanted to no if I can have replacement I’m career for my daughter who is ten

    1. Hi Lianne, thank you for contacting us. Where do you live? We are only providing Max cards to those living in London. Please reply with your address.

      Thank you

      SNC team

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