My SEND File

Welcome to your range of easy SEND filing systems and solutions, designed to take the frustration out of your journey, help you to avoid reapeating yourself and allow you to find important information quickly.

This is one of the major projects we have been working on for a few years in response to parents’ feedback. My SEND File (formerly My Special Needs File), starts with a paper-based filing system for beginners and families or professionals new to the world of SEND to help them understand and navigate their way around various departments.

We provide practical support to help you get organised and stay organised. We enable each individual parent by helping to compile, organise and design their SEND-related information into an easy and useful filing system that they can easily access. The file can be presented at important meetings with key professionals and agencies. It will provide all the necessary information on the child/young person, which can be taken to any appointments. The contents will include, what the child/young person’s special need is, the impact it has, their likes, dislikes, allergies, concerns, and what to be aware of.

It will take the stress and frustration out of your very busy complicated SEND journey.

To read more about our project, visit our dedicated page for My SEND File, CLICK HERE

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