Inclusive & All-Ability Playground Project


We are very grateful for everyone who supported the project from start to this stage, from every parent who took part in the consultation stage, members of fundraising team, including our Crowdfunding donators, our early years partners, our playground design company-G L Jones, the Harrow Community and Engagement Councillor, Sue Anderson, Cedars Pre-school, especially the Harrow Council Inclusion Fund managers, and the Harrow Parks Management Team, Desiree Mahoney and Dave Corby. It has truly been a community vision with a truly concerted community effort to get us to this stage- Phase 1.

We are pleased to announce that Phase 1 has been completed and is open to the public. We have yet to create a path from the main park to the playground to make it truly accessible but many are able to use the playground immediately. Wheelchair swing users will need to purchase a Radar key (also used to open disabled public toilets)

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