Special Needs Community was set up for the well-being of families especially parent carers.The physical, emotional and mental well-being of parent carers is important to us because we understand that when they take care of themselves, stay healthy, doing activities that they enjoy and that are fun, it can make it easier to cope when things are difficult.

We know from research that parents of children with a learning disability can be twice as likely to experience high stress levels as do other parents. High levels of stress can have a negative impact on your well-being.

We know that the simplest things, like eating healthily, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly can be the most difficult when caring for a child with a learning disability. But it is important to do these things to look after yourself. Read more about other ways you start looking after yourself-read our blog HERE

2 New Supports Group & Evening Drop-in Events


SEND Parents Chat & SEND Dad’s Group

Join us at our new SEND Parents Chat and SEND Dad’s Group, WhatsApp group & evening drop-ins.

It’s YOUR safe place to just chat, vent, have a giggle or simply share your experiences about life on your special needs journey. You don’t have to be stressed and lonely, we are all parents/carers in the same boat. Your feelings are important, you have a right to express yourself and be heard. After all, this is your reality.

Come and mingle with us, you can join in the conversation or just listen to the chat until you are ready to chip in. We don’t have agendas, or a list of topics lined up, just turn up and chat or just chat on the WhatsApp group.

We do ask that you respect our strict privacy policy and keep information from others to yourself, safe and confidential please.

We will always have refreshments and board games to help you relax and chilled. All you have to do is bring yourself. Please share the number with other parents you know who need someone to talk or might also be interested. We are also here to help with information, all you have to do is ask. We will meet at 6-8pm on the evening of the first Monday of every month (except August). Sign up to the WhatsApp group for updates and to stay in touch.

**********Please Note: This is an adult (parents/carers) only drop-in.****************

Sign up to the WhatsApp Group on this Mobile Number to join: 07838 317730 

Evening drop-ins Dates: 

Dates in 2019:

Monday July 1st 6-8pm

Monday Sept 2nd 6-8pm

Monday Oct 7th 6-8pm

Monday Nov 4th 6-8pm

Monday Dec 2nd 6-8pm

Dates in 2020:

Monday Jan 6th  6-8pm

Monday Feb 3rd 6-8pm

Monday March 2nd 6-8pm



Cedar’s Children’s Centre
Whittlesea Road






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