SNJ Report: Race, Discrimination & SEND Law

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SNJ Report: The casual bias and daily discrimination faced by disabled children and their families from ethnic and marginalised communities

A new SNJ survey has highlighted how racial discrimination and unconscious bias are everyday experiences for disabled children and their families from ethnic and marginalised communities. Parents say they, and their children, are visibly less well-treated, and their needs and culture are disregarded by schools, where there is also a lack of representation of non-white staff and leaders.

And this isn’t just parental perception. Practitioners from non-white backgrounds say they have themselves witnessed it happening to families, and experienced it themselves.

“As a SEND professional, I’ve witnessed and heard of Black and Brown families disrespected by all levels of staff. I’ve seen white children’s behaviour treated with far more understanding and trauma informed approaches than Black and Brown children. I’ve also heard disparaging and stereotypical comments made by staff of all levels, including racist language used and/or ignored.”


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