Lockdown stresses worse in parents and their children with intellectual disabilities…..

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While much of the country is going about their business as if the pandemic is over, many parents of disabled children feel like their needs have been forgotten.

University of Edinburgh researchers are carrying out a “Road to Recovery” project that aims to build a clear picture of the challenges faced by families with children with intellectual disabilities (ID) in particular during COVID-19, and how best to support them in the recovery phases.  They have surveyed parents of children both with and without to compare the impacts of the pandemic and lockdown on families. So far, they’ve found parents of children with ID have—and still are—experiencing poorer mental health themselves and greater levels of challenging child behaviour, which they say may be due in part to a reduction in support networks caused by the pandemic.

Dr Hope Christie explains more about their work and how you can contribute to the project.

The COVID-19 pandemic is recognised as a globally disruptive event that has so far resulted in over 410 million confirmed cases and more than five million deaths worldwide (World Health Organization Feb 22). The first UK lockdown in March 2020 also meant the closure of schools, clinical services, respite, and support services; all of which put considerable pressure on parents of children with intellectual difficulties (ID).

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