£93 million more in SEND funding for respite…

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We seem to have a tale of two governments at the moment or perhaps we are flipping between parallel universes. In one, the government is in a chaotic, cannibalistic mess with a dead-man-walking prime minister. In the other, big announcements are being made as if nothing is wrong at all.

Today, the trumpeting will be all about the “Levelling Up” White Paper, from which yesterday came some early news about new cash for SEND.

What’s the SEND funding for?

The announcement about more SEND funding entailed £30 million for respite and £18 million for supported internships, both of which can be as hard to access as a current visa to enter New Zealand. It also included £45 million aimed at getting local authorities to obey the law and make SEND provision work for children, young people and families.

The question we ask at times like this is:

  1. Is it new money?Yes I am told by the Department for Education that it is new money secured at the Spending Review.
  2. Who gets it and how?It’s to be done by procurement so LAs can bid for a share (presumably by putting forward a project/plans to be funded) If it’s first come first served, they’d better get moving.

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